• We are the best sports bar in Billings, Montana for great food, plenty of drink and much more!

    Muzzleloader Cafe and Powderhorn Lounge aren't just Billing, Montana's best restaurant and bar. Having been a popular establishment for almost 60 years, they are iconic destinations for locals and visitors alike. Stop by today and find out why!

Workers Wild Wednesday - Summer Concert Series - 5:00PM to 9:00PM


1st Zen
8th Downtime
15th Jared Stewart
22nd Canyon Creek - Bluegrass
29th Bucky Beaver


6th-7th Ave. Band
13th Downtime
20th Canyon Creek - Bluegrass
27th Zen Hill Climbs Meet & Greet


3rd Brick House
10th Downtime
17th Fair No Concert
24th Zen

Cafe Menu

Whether you're looking for typical bar food or a meal at a family restaurant, we've got you covered. Check out our breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers and desserts. That's right, we do it all, and breakfast is served all day. Waffles for dinner? Why not!

Great American food, drinks and entertainment!
Come visit our sports bar in Billings, MT!


The Muzzleloader Cafe and Powderhorn Lounge in Billings, MT have been around for a long time. With over 60 years of serving locals and visitors alike, our family restaurant and sports bar are a perfect representation of American food traditions. Cold drinks, great American food, delicious desserts and a fun family-friendly restaurant atmosphere await you. With almost daily events, sporting leagues, music events, huge Superbowl parties, the breakfast club and more, there is always something to do at the Muzzleloader Cafe and Powderhorn Lounge. Call or stop by our cafe or sports bar today, and find out why our establishment is the best place in Billings, Montana for American food with your family, a night out with friends, as a sport bar for fans, or just a cafe to grab a bite of great American food.

Some of our regular sports bar events:

  • Try our world famous chicken fried steak – it is the best in town.
  • Tuesday through Saturday, every night is Karaoke night. Come sing your heart out with us!
  • Sports Bar: NFL, NASCAR, and more! Get involved with other fans.
  • Join the Breakfast club, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. every day at the cafe. It’s $2.50 for domestic beer & well drinks!
  • Can’t make it in the morning? Join us for happy hour everyday with $2.25 for domestic beers and well drinks
  • So many other events and reasons to come, check out our Facebook to learn more!


Come by today, and treat you, your family and friends to an authentic old fashioned American experience! Whether you come for the best family restaurant in Billings, MT or the best sports bar with great bar food, you are sure to have a great experience with at the Muzzleloader Cafe and Powderhorn lounge.

  • Muzzleloader Cafe

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  • Powderhorn Lounge

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