Lunch Menu

  • Specialties

    Comfort Sandwich
    A satisfying hot meal with your choice of roast beef, baked turkey or grilled hamburger served with mashed potatoes, your choice of brown or cream gravy, soup or salad.
    Healthy Choice
    Choose between a 1/3 lb charbroiled beef patty or a boneless, skinless chicken breast, served on a bed of lettuce with tomato, cottage cheese & fresh fruit.
    Simple Sandwich
    Choice of roast beef, ham or turkey with lettuce, pickle & chips.
    Grilled Cheese
    Served with pickle & potato chips.
  • Specialty Burgers

    1/3 lb Lean Ground Beef, served with lettuce, pickle & onion. Includes one of your choice: fries, gems, soup or salad
    Cheese Burger
    Bacon Cheese Burger
    Mushroom Swiss Burger
    Patty Melt
    Sautu00e9ed onions along with Swiss cheese on grilled rye bread
    Grant Burger
    Combination of ham, Swiss & American cheese
    Frisco Burger
    Your choice of a beef patty or a grilled chicken breast served on Sourdough with
    Swiss cheese, tomato & 1000 Island dressing
    Chili Burger
    Topped with our own special chili & a sprinkle of onions & cheddar cheese
  • Soup & Chili

    Homemade Chili & Soup of the Day
    Soup of the Day (Cup/Bowl)
    Homemade Chili Cup
    Try a bowl of Chili topped with cheese & onions. Served with a fresh warm mini loaf of bread
    Bowl of Homemade Soup, a Side Salad & a Mini Loaf
  • Feature Sandwiches

    Includes one of your choice: fries, gems, soup or salad
    Sour Cream, Mayo, Salsa or Ranch (add extra)
    French Dip
    Sliced roast beef served on a steak bun with your choice of cheese & au jus for dipping
    Pork Chop John
    Breaded pork served with lettuce, tomato & mayo
    Bacon, lettuce & tomato served on your choice of toasted bread with mayo
    Chicken Breast Sandwich
    Your choice of grilled or breaded topped with lettuce, tomato & mayo
    Fish Fillet
    Breaded Atlantic Pollack served on a bun with American cheese & a side of tartar sauce
    Thin sliced corned beef piled on toasted rye & topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut & 1000 Island dressing
    Steak Sandwich
    6oz. Sirloin Steak served on Texas Toast
    Club House
    Stacked high with turkey, bacon, ham, tomato & cheese on your choice of toasted bread
  • Salads

    Chef Salad
    Lettuce, tomato, turkey, ham, cheese & hard boiled egg
    Fresh Fruit
    Served with cottage cheese or ice cream
    Crispy Chicken Salad
    Tender pieces of either grilled or crispy chicken breast lettuce, black olives & cheese
    Taco Salad
    Served in a crisp taco shell bowl with lettuce, taco meat, cheese, black olives &
    jalapenos with a side of salsa & sour cream
    Muzzle Loader Side Salad
    Your choice of Ranch, Bleu Cheese, French 1000 Island, Italian or Honey Mustard Dressing